Postgraduate Program

Applied Informatics

Applications 2023-2024

We would like to inform all those interested in applying for admission to the Postgraduate Studies Programme (MSc) for the award of a Master’s Degree with the title “Applied Informatics”, the deadline for submission of supporting documents is EXTENDED * until 07/07/2023. Candidates may submit their application online until 7 July 2023, at the following website:

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The Program

The Postgraduate Program “Applied Informatics” awards a Diploma of Postgraduate Studies and is a conversion course. It is addressed to scientists, graduates of departments outside the field of Computer Science and Informatics, giving them the opportunity to change the direction of their undergraduate studies and focus on a completely new and innovative field, such as the field of Computer Science and Digital Technology in general, in order to address the high and constantly increasing demand of the labour market for IT executives, but also to provide job prospects to graduates of schools where unemployment is observed.

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The Harokopio

The Harokopio University is, in chronological order of its foundation, the 18th higher education institution of the country. It started to operate from the academic year 1993-94.

Harokopeio University was founded in 1990 and is based on a bequest from the National Benefactor Panagios Harokopoulos.
It has University Departments and Programmes of Studies of distinctive character in Greece, excellent building and technological infrastructure and a high level of research work and international presence that ensure a quality academic environment for its students.
At the same time, it is particularly concerned with the professional rehabilitation of its graduates and its multifaceted connection with society.

The Department of Informatics and Telematics

The Department of Computer Science and Telematics was founded in 2006 with the aim to promote Computer Science, primarily in the area of web/telecom applications, big data, machine learning and network-centric applications. The Department emphasises on application areas such as web technologies, digital transformation, e-business, e-government, e-health, e-transport, etc.


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