Online services

Institutional e-mail address and e-class

These two services are the be-all and end-all of your daily information and, in general, contact with the University. Through them, you can be informed about any changes in your courses and other noteworthy activities, register for courses and access their material (via E-Class) as well as interact with your professors and fellow students when this is not possible in person. Make it a daily habit to check on both!

Student registry (e-studies)

Through e-studies services, you can monitor your academic progress (course grade, average, etc.) and submit online requests for documents (e.g. detailed scores). In addition, through e-studies, you can register for the current semester, don’t neglect it!

Forgot my password

This application allows you to register an external email, which in case you forget your password for hua services you can use to directly retrieve your password.

For detailed instructions, you can watch the video.

Technical Support Platform (HelpDesk)

In order to improve the level of technical support and service, we use the helpdesk platform. You can submit your request in the form of a support ticket.

To submit a new ticket you will need to log in with your founder account ( If this is not possible because you are having trouble logging in to your account, you can create a new ticket without requiring a login.

Microsoft 365

The Identification and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI) of the EDET DILOS Federation allows you to access high-value applications for the entire academic and research community, such as Microsoft Office 365.


Github offers students free access to various software development tools such as TLD+SSL, Cloud hosting, Github Premium, error tracking service, Unreal Engine etc.

Google Workspace

Members of the academic community of Harokopio University have free access to Google’s services for education.

…which include an e-mail account of the form with unlimited space, unlimited storage space in Google Drive with the same account as well as a variety of other applications such as Google classroom, Google docs, etc.

Video lectures using the Big Blue Button

This software is open source/free access and has been installed as a pilot project at Harokopio University. Those who wish to pilot this software and assist in its full installation and support at our University, are requested to contact the staff of the ΚΠΔ (Computer and Network Centre) in order to be given access to this system.

To gain access click here.

To read the User Guide for Lecturers click here.