API 08: Information Systems and Innovation ΙΙ

ECTS Credits: 7,5

Business Plans (Business Plan), Investment Valuation, Risk Management

Aimed at providing a broader framework of knowledge for the needs and the labour market, the course aims to familiarize students with the development of business plans, with emphasis on the digital technology sector. The course introduces students to Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Emphasis is placed on business plan design, business idea generation and the impact of new information and communication technologies (ICT) in changing traditional business models and developing innovative business models. It presents the basic principles of business plan development, investment appraisal, risk and risk management, as well as the basic principles and strategies of digital marketing. Also, the basic principles of economic theory are presented in order to provide a complete cognitive framework, as well as the basic principles of business analytics, which refers to the ways in which businesses can use data (data sets) to make strategic, near real-time decisions. Finally, reference is made to issues related to logistics as an integral part of a business process.