API 06: Computing and Network Infrastructures II

ECTS Credits: 7,5

Modern Digital Tools, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, and Systems Security.

The course presents advanced topics related to computing and network infrastructure. The main pillar is the management and security of systems and infrastructures, so the basic building blocks (cryptography, certificates), basic attack categories, network infrastructure protection protocols (VPN, TLS), attack detection and prevention tools (antivirus, intrusion detection, firewalls) are presented.

Topics related to cloud computing, which is the most important modern computing model, are also discussed. The different types of clouds, service delivery models, pricing models, main service categories, architectures and usage scenarios as well as practical aspects of using the services offered are studied.

In addition, the principles of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is based on cloud computing and provides unlimited services and networking capabilities, are also presented.